iPUNIX Hard & Software Development for PIC Microcontroller Devices

iPUNIX together with our partner company Modulight Solutions develops code and hardware that will run the Pixel embedded Ethernet and ZigBee® Mesh Networking applications that allows you to monitor and switch solid state relay controlled electrical appliances such as hot water, and swimming pool filters. It can also dim or switch groups and individual fluorescent lights via an IP network in real-time using a web browser. The Pixel Wireless Building Automation Gateway installed at the clients building runs the Wireless-DALI Lighting and Alarm Control System. The Pixel Gateway can be accessed and operated from any other computer or mobile device with user name and password protection over the internet. The Pixel Gateway comes with the Building Automation Control software pre-configured according to the supplied Zigbee control modules and the clients building layout, control functions and SQL Database. Any required modifications or updates to the software or lighting/alarm control can be done from the Moduligh Service Center without the need of any help at the client’s location... More News

Smart PIC web enabled applications to monitor, control and switch remotly electrical appliances such as Solar Hot Water, Swimming Pool Filters, Fluorescent Lights, PV Solar Arrays, and Servo Motors.

ZigBee® Wireless control and monitoring of Solar Hot Water Systems

ZigBee® Wireless control of Solar Swimming Pool Filters

ZigBee® Wireless (W-DALI) control of dimming and switching of Fluorescent Lights

ZigBee® Wireless control and monitoring of Solar PV Solar Arrays

ZigBee® Wireless control of Servo Motors

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